3CX Full Features

Link up Your Team and Customers with 3CX Phone System

The 3CX phone system has Core PBX Features, Live Chat & Messaging, Video Conferencing, Call Center Features and much more.

Utilize the 3CX phone system to hasten the growth of your business or organization. Instead of relying just on phone calls, use Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and video conferencing to connect with your team members and customers.  In addition, everything is done through a single client, thus there’s no moving between applications. You can select from web clients, desktop app, mobile app, or alternatively connect an IP phone that is supported.

3CX full feature list

The comparison tables below gives the 3CX full feature list of 3CX Startup Free, 3CX SMB, PRO and Enterprise editions of the 3CX Phone System.


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