Vol 6 Industry News: Introducing 3CX StartUP – An Advancement in Communications

3CX startup

The New 3CX StartUp

3CX StartUP is indeed the solution for smaller businesses, who may have previously been utilizing an alternative hosted PBX platform. Announcing 3CX StartUP, the newest product is an easy-to-use system that may be used on even the most limited of costs.

Nowadays, most companies and businesses have adopted the remote work and working from home. With this development, there is need for an efficient and easy to use platform for communication in which businesses will be able to handle calls and texts. 3CX is simple to operate and easy to use when compared with conventional PBX system. 3CX can also be hosted in the cloud and it is a great choice for small businesses as well.

3CX StartUp

3CX offers the new 3CX StartUp that is hosted in the cloud. It comes in two editions, the FREE and PRO versions. The 3CX StartUp FREE is forever free and can accommodate up to ten extensions. While the 3CX StartUp PRO version on the other hand supports the purchase of up to ten or twenty extensions.

For both the FREE and PRO versions, the following features can be configured; Live chat, Ring Group, 3CX auto-attendant and 3CX Talk Link. In addition, the StartUP PRO 10 version supports own SIP trunk, DID numbers, multi-level IVR, Call queues, Reporting. The StartUP PRO 20 provides the same features for up to twenty users.

As 3CX partner, Startup will allow Foppex to quickly and cheaply onboard consumers. Contact us for more info. Get started today!