3CX Web Client / Windows App V20 (2024): Attended and Blind Transfer Tutorial

How to Transfer Calls with 3CX Web Client / Windows App V20

Call transfers are an essential aspect of business communication, allowing you to direct calls to the right person or department efficiently. With 3CX Web Client, or Windows Desktop App V20, you can streamline your communication process, ensuring that calls are handled promptly and professionally.

An attended call transfer allows you to speak with the recipient before transferring the call, ensuring a smooth handoff. This feature is particularly useful when transferring calls to colleagues or departments, ensuring that the caller’s query is directed to the right person

How to Perform an Attended Transfer on 3CX Windows Desktop App V20

  • Answer the Call: Receive the incoming call and engage with the caller.
  • Select Attended Transfer: Choose the attended transfer option on the call control panel.
  • Enter the Extension Number: Input the extension number or search for the contact.
  • Notify the Recipient: Inform the recipient about the incoming call.
  • Complete the Transfer: Click the join button to finalize the call transfer.

Watch our Video Tutorial on Attended and Blind Transfers Using 3CX

Benefits of Attended Transfers

  • Efficient Call Handling: Attended call transfers ensure that calls are directed to the right person or department, reducing unnecessary call transfers and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Improved Communication: Attended call transfers allow you to brief the recipient about the caller’s query, ensuring a seamless handoff and better communication.
  • Enhanced Productivity: By streamlining call transfers, you can focus on other tasks, improving your productivity and efficiency.

What is a Blind Transfer?

A blind transfer immediately redirects the call to another extension without prior communication with the recipient.

How to Perform a Blind Transfer on 3CX Web Client / Windows App V20

  • Click the Transfer Button: Locate the transfer button on the call control panel..
  • Enter the Extension Number: Input the extension number or search for the contact.

After the transfer is completed, the call will disappear from your call panel, indicating a successful transfer. The recipient will now be connected with the caller.

Tips for Effective Call Transfers

  • Know Your Extensions: Familiarize yourself with the extension numbers of your team members to speed up the transfer process.
  • Communicate Clearly: For attended transfers, provide clear information to the recipient about the caller’s needs.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Regularly practicing call transfers can help you become more efficient and confident.

By following this tutorial and watching our video guide, you’ll be able to transfer calls via attended and blind transfers using the latest 3CX Web Client / Windows App V20 (2024)

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