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Foppex Fiber Products for Optimal Performance and Reliability

Our fiber optic products offer a seamless connectivity solution that ensures lightning-fast data transmission and minimal signal loss. Elevate your network infrastructure with our cutting-edge technology, providing a robust and future-proof solution. We offer a range of fiber optic products which include: fiber pigtails, fiber patch cords, optical transceivers, fiber media converters etc. Invest in the backbone of superior connectivity – choose Foppex for unmatched quality and a seamless user experience. Upgrade today and witness the difference in performance that takes your connectivity to the next level.

Foppex Fiber Pigtails

foppex sc single mode pigtail

SC/UPC-SM 9/125- 0.9mm-SX-1M

Foppex SC MM OM4 pigtail




foppex LC MM OM2 pigtail


foppex sc om3 multi mode pigtail


Foppex SC OM2 MM pigtail


foppex LC SM pigtail

LC/UPC-SM-9/125- 0.9mm-SX-1M

foppex LC MM OM3 pigtail


Foppex Fiber Patch Cords

Foppex SC-SC SM DX fiber optic patch cord

SC/UPC-SC/UPC-SM 9/125- 2.0mm-DX (LSZH)

foppex SC-LC SM DX patch cord

SC/UPC-LC/UPC-SM 9/125- 2.0mm-DX (LSZH)

Foppex LC-LC SM DX patch cord

LC/UPC-LC/UPC-SM 9/125- 2.0mm-DX (LSZH)

foppex SC-LC MM OM4 DX patch cord

SC/PC-LC/PC-MM-50/125-OM4-DX-2.0mm (LSZH)

foppex SC SC MM OM2 DX patch cord

SC/PC-SC/PC-MM-50/125-OM2-DX-2.0mm (LSZH)

Foppex SC LC MM OM2 DX patch cord

SC/PC-LC/PC-MM-50/125-OM2-DX-2.0mm (LSZH)

foppex SC LC OM3 MM DX patch cord

SC/PC-LC/PC-MM-50/125-OM3-DX-2.0mm (LSZH)

foppex LC-LC-MM-OM4-DX patch cord

LC/PC-LC/PC-MM-50/125-OM4-DX-2.0mm (LSZH)

Foppex LC LC MM OM2 DX patch cord

LC/PC-LC/PC-MM-50/125-OM2-DX-2.0mm (LSZH)

Foppex SC SC MM OM3 DX patch cord

SC/PC-SC/PC-MM-50/125-OM3-DX-2.0mm (LSZH)

Foppex LC LC OM3 DX patch cord

LC/PC-LC/PC-MM-50/125-OM3-DX-2.0mm (LSZH)

foppex SC-SC MM OM4 DX patch cord

SC/PC-SC/PC-MM-50/125-OM4-DX-2.0mm (LSZH)

Foppex Fiber Optic Accessories


For closing the currently unused SC duplex slots on the front of a patch panel

Fiber Optic Media Converter

Supports 10/100/1000Base-T and 1000Base-LX/LH media network connections


For closing the currently unused SC simplex slots on the front of a patch panel

foppex fiber optic splice cassettes

The trays can accommodate up to 24 splice protection sleeves using 12 location slots (6 on each side)

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