An Easy Guide to Setting Up a 3CX Phone System for Small Businesses

3CX Phone System

3CX for Small Businesses

A robust and adaptable phone system, the 3CX Phone System is ideal for small organizations wishing to enhance their communication and teamwork capabilities. 3CX has you covered whether you’re wanting to upgrade from your current traditional PBX system or need a more capable phone system to handle the demands of your expanding company.

The full collection of rich features that 3CX offers are made to improve call center administration and communication, giving you the resources you need to boost output and raise client happiness.

The simplicity with which 3CX can be set up and used is one of its best features. Your 3CX system may be up and running quickly even if you have no prior experience with VoIP or phone systems. We’ll step-by-step walk you through setting up 3CX for your small business in this guide.

Step 1: Choose Your Deployment Option

The first thing you’ll need to do when setting up 3CX is to choose the deployment option that is best for your business. 3CX offers three deployment options: On-premises, 3CX Hosted and Self-hosted.

  • On-premises: This option involves installing 3CX on your own servers. This is the best choice if you have an existing infrastructure and prefer to keep your data on-site.
  • 3CX Hosted: This is suitable for companies that prefer a managed solution. You can choose between StartUP or Dedicated.
  • Self-hosted: This option involves self hosting 3CX using your cloud account with the likes of Google, Amazon and Microsoft Azure .

Step 2: Install the 3CX Server

Once you’ve chosen your deployment option, you can then proceed to install the 3CX server. The installation process is straightforward, and 3CX provides detailed instructions for each deployment option. It is important to note that for the on-premises option, you need to have Windows or Linux Server and for cloud-based option , you need to sign up to 3CX or any other providers that provide hosted 3CX service.

Step 3: Configure Your Phone Extensions

Configuring your phone extensions comes next. You can add as many extensions as you require with 3CX, and each extension can be altered to match the unique requirements of your company. Through the 3CX web-based administration dashboard, which is simple to use and browse, you may setup your extensions.

Step 4: Connect Your Phones

Connecting your phones is the next step after setting up your server and configuring your extensions. You can utilize the phones you already own or pick from a variety of additional possibilities because 3CX supports a wide range of SIP-compliant phones.

Step 5: Set Up Your Voicemail

The voicemail setup is the last step. You may tailor your voicemail with 3CX, including by adding your own greeting, setting up call routing, and other features.


In conclusion, 3CX is a versatile phone system with all the top PBX features every business needs. It can be easily set up to meet the communication and collaboration needs of small businesses. With this guide, you can have your 3CX system up and running in no time, and start enjoying the many benefits it has to offer.

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