Vol 4 Industry News: Enhanced Security Drives Adoption of Private 5G Network, Latest Updates from 3CX and Dinstar

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5G Network

Trend Micro, a pioneer in cybersecurity globally, has disclosed research that could lead to improved security and privacy capabilities, which is the primary driver behind private 5G wireless network initiatives.

Private 5G networks remain murky, according to Eric Hanselman, principal analyst at 451 Research, a division of S&P Global market intelligence. Two-thirds of respondents stated their deployments would make use of the technology in some form.

However, these enterprise customers will need to create their own security capabilities due to the cloud’s shared responsibility paradigm. They stated that to assist them on this journey, they will require knowledgeable security partners. The high caliber of their partners will be the key distinction because organizations have high expectations for 5G security.

Private 5G networks are being investigated by an increasing number of businesses in smart factories, smart hospitals, and other areas for coverage, control, low latency, and better security as one of the enterprise networks.


10 Years of 3CX and Snom Collaboration

A strategic technology partnership was established more than ten years ago between Snom Technology, the top manufacturer of IP phones for business environments, and 3CX, the creator of the award-winning business communication solution. Both companies’ products offered a unique integration with the always-open SIP standard from the beginning.

Both offer a wide range of features and have advanced the capabilities of conventional phone systems and conventional business phones in their varied applications. Another thing that both businesses have in common is their desire to offer extremely high levels of unrestricted interoperability between their respective products.

UCC systems and phones are now easily integrated: In order to do this, Snom’s Research & Development division makes sure that Snom phones are compatible with all new 3CX UCC version updates and capabilities. Furthermore, 3CX guarantees that new features added to Snom phones can be used with the 3CX system. In order to provide clients with coordinated solutions, the two businesses also collaborate closely in the field of customer service.

DINSTAR and Yeastar Announce Interoperability

DINSTAR and Yeastar Announce Interoperability

Yeastar, the well-known global provider of IP PBX and unified communication solutions, and DINSTAR, the leading provider of IP Communication products and solutions, jointly announced that DINSTAR C series IP Phones are completely compatible with Yeastar P-Series PBX.

The Auto Provisioning capability is available on Yeastar P-Series PBX platforms for batch configuring IP Phones. To save time and resources, this is a simple method. The IP PBX web interface allows for the entry of user information. The SIP account information is immediately forwarded to the IP phone by the PBX system after it recognizes its mac address. Without difficult stages, a fully functional system may be set up in a matter of minutes.