Vol 2 Industry News: Thrilling and Recent Updates on Yealink, Teltonika Networks and Allied Telesis

Allied Telesis

Yealink BH72 and UH38 Headsets Are Certified for Microsoft Teams to Deliver Premium Personal Audio Experience Under the Hybrid


The Yealink BH72 Wireless Bluetooth Headset is a new standard headset that equipped with a highly compact design of retractable microphone boom, cutting-edge noise-cancellation technologies, ultra-long battery efficiency, and wireless charging stand for multi-devices. It’s dedicated to empowering users in work and casual scenarios with strong voice capabilities, a wide range of UC features, and a stylish wearing experience as a brand new headset for hybrid workers of the future.

The Yealink UH38 USB Wired Headset Series, including Mono & Dual two styles, is the premium level USB headset with peerless innovative designs and technologies, tailored for all office users and remote workers with a stably immersive voice experience.

RUT240 and RUT360 become AT&T and Verizon Certified

rut 240 and Rut 360

Teltonika Networks continues to grow its presence in North America with two new certifications adorning its devices in North America. Specifically, both RUT240 and RUT360 are now certified by two major operators: AT&T and Verizon. These two devices are bestsellers enabling connectivity in projects worldwide, in no small part due to their proven reliability and ease of use.

Both devices also support the following bandwidths:

RUT240 – B2/B4/B5/B12/B13/B14/B66/B71
RUT360 – B2/B4/B5/B7/B12/B13/B25/B26/B29/B30/B66

This is very exciting news as it presents new opportunities for innovative connectivity solutions in the U.S. and Canada IoT markets since these particular cellular routers are some of the most popular among our client base.

It also provides continuous assurance of the quality of our product lineup, as AT&T and Verizon are the biggest and most recognized providers in the region.

Allied Telesis Announces the TQ6702 GEN2 Wi-Fi 6 (8x8) Access Point—the Perfect Wireless Enterprise Solution

Allied Telesis

Allied Telesis, a leading provider of hardware and software products that allow customers to build secure, feature-rich, and scalable data exchange solutions, today announced its launch of the TQ6702 GEN2 Wi-Fi 6 (8×8) wireless Access Point. Allied Telesis Wi-Fi 6 solutions, with a raw capacity of 4.8 Gigabits, are here to power todays’ mobile experiences, offering faster speeds for immersive-experience applications and more capacity for mobile and IoT devices.

Wi-Fi 6 offers new features such as OFDMA and bi-directional MU-MIMO that increase the intelligence of the AP in managing multiple client connections at once, providing better throughput, connectivity and overall performance. The 8 spatial streams on the TQ6702 GEN2 enhance performance, placing the device at the top of the class for bandwidth.