Vol 7 Industry News: Xorcom Releases MS Teams Connect App for CompletePBX IP PBX, New Updates from Purple and Snom

MS Teams

Xorcom Releases MS Teams Connect App for CompletePBX IP PBX

The new MS Teams Connect App for Complete PBX is being introduced by Xorcom with pleasure. The requirement for both a Teams dialer and a dedicated PBX phone has been removed.

Now, the Teams client may establish a direct connection to CompletePBX as a device, in addition to any other devices the user may already own or acquire in the future.

You can call any internal extension within the company that is not a Teams extension using MS Teams Connect. When utilizing the CompletePBX granular class-of-service, direct calls to external numbers are also possible from Teams.


Digital Transformation in Retail: From Omnichannel to Unified Commerce

Retailers all over the world have seen the effects of changes in customer behavior before, and much more so during the Covid-19 epidemic. As a result, the profitability of physical venues has emerged as a significant problem for the sector.

In addition, businesses now need to employ ESG strategies (which concentrate on environmental, social, and governance considerations) to make sure that sustainability, in all of its forms, is taken seriously by your company.

The main differences between omnichannel retail and the £2.6 trillion opportunity of unified commerce and the actions that merchants can take to fully realize the new consumer experience and make the most of the digital transition to boost the efficiency of retail stores are covered HERE.


Wireless Working: The Small Office and Home Office (SoHo) market can now benefit from the Snom DECT revolution

Smaller businesses with one to twenty employees, such as satellite offices, medical practices, or legal firms, typically favor cordless phone options. This is frequently driven by a desire for flexibility (especially in the hybrid working mode) or for increased employee mobility in more compact workspaces.

As a result, they frequently obtain DECT solutions from the end-user market. However, because many applications, such as switching and call forwarding, are redundant in the private sector, the variety of services offered by these solutions may be constrained. Thus, businesses must make do with either no solutions or solutions that are semi-professional. This not only causes frustration but frequently lowers employee productivity.

Snom Technology, a well-known global brand for high-end IP phones, has always worked to offer specialized VoIP solutions to all organizations, regardless of size. They are now bringing the DECT revolution into the SoHo (small office / home office) market by providing two wireless working lines that are specifically made for small and adaptable businesses.