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We are distributors of snom.

snom is a pioneer in the progress of VoIP telephony. snom develops a wide range of products from desktop and DECT phones to the advanced conferencing solutions. The brand strengthens the communication of many its commercial customers around the world with first class product range.

snom quality is based on 3 basic component.

snom engineering, snom audio, snom security.


01. snom Engineering

Quality, Durability and Security

Lowest RMA rates in the industry
Research and product design
snom products come with 3 year warranty


02. snom Audio

Excellent Voice

With over 20 years of experience, snom creates the best sound quality on the market
Experts continually test and optimise all products in our audio laboratory


03. snom Security

Secure the end-point

Strong authentication – indiviual SHA-2 certificates pre-installed
Signalling encryption – SIP over TLS
Audio encryption – SRTP
Enforce User Mode and much more...

Let's examine a few of these products, which were produced with superior German engineering and constantly developed in the laboratory environment to achieve the best sound quality and all kinds of precautions are taken for endpoint security ...

snom m215


With the set consisting of m200 base station and m15 cordless phone, provide a solution to your communication needs with an affordable price and snom assurance. The M200 SC can handle six different SIP IDs and four simultaneous calls. Supports 6 cordless handsets (m15). You can find all the details in the pdf files you will download. (m200 and m15)


VoIP cordless DECT multicell base station…

  • Up to 1,000 base stations
  • Up to 4,000 handset
  • DECT and LAN synchronization
  • No DECT manager required
  • Over-the-air software updates for handsets
  • PoE and power adapter support
  • TLS encryption
  • DSP module support
  • Wallmountable
  • Local, XML and LDAP phone book support


You can find all the details in the pdf file.

Snom D7C and D785

D7 Series

D7 and D7C (colour screen) expansion modules; High performance, high resolution, easy-to-use..

D715 Desk Telephone; High-speed connectivity, high-quality audio…

D717 Deskphone; professional, cost-effective entry-level device with high-resolution colour display…

D725 Desk Telephone; gigabit ethernet switch, 18 programmable multi-colour function keys…

D735 Desk Telephone; snom’s first sensor-supported IP telephone

D745 Desk Telephone; It is not only easy to use, but also cost effective for large-scale deployment…

D765 Desk Telephone; HD audio, gigabit ethernet ports, built-in Bluetooth compatibility…

D785 Desk Telephone; elegant design, integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP)…

Details of each product of the D7 series are available in the related pdf file.

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