Vol 3 Industry News: Hikvision launches its new Classroom Hub Solution, Latest Updates from Grandstream and CommScope

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Hikvision Introduces Classroom Hub Solution to Support Digital Transformation in Education

Hikvision is launching its new Classroom Hub Solution to support digital transformation and improved teaching quality for educational institutions of all types and sizes. Based on an interactive flat-panel display, this solution provides participation and connectivity for teachers, students, and administrators.

As educational institutions engage in various digital transformation initiatives, Hikvision’s education solutions offer a unique, high-throughput, “all-in-one” hardware/software architecture and enable educational institutions to maximize campus security, support end-to-end student management, in-class/remote teaching and optimizes learning models. As part of its education solution, Classroom Hub introduces a new offering that supports the creation of digital classrooms to create an immersive learning environment for both on-campus and remote students.

The Classroom Hub Solution leverages the Interactive flat panel to optimize the teacher and student experience with human-centric technologies, including high resolution, eye protection, and automatic brightness adjustment. The interactive flat panel enables teachers to project students’ work to the screen through the client and show them to the whole class. Currently, up to 4 clients are supported at the same time.


Grandstream’s GRP Series IP Phones Certified with Zoom Phone

On May 19, 2022, Grandstream announced that the Grandstream’s GRP Series of Carrier-Grade IP Phones are certified with Zoom Phone. This certification allows businesses of all sizes to pair Grandstream’s portfolio of powerful, easy-to-use, next-generation IP phones with Zoom Phone, a feature-rich cloud telephony solution to create a seamless voice platform that maximizes productivity.

Businesses can now pair Grandstream’s GRP Series Carrier-Grade IP phones with the Zoom Phone to create a seamless audio solution that maximizes productivity. This is built for the needs of on-site and remote workers and designed for easy deployment by small-to-medium businesses, enterprises, and vertical markets, the GRP Series provides the ideal voice endpoint for Zoom Phone solutions.

Zoom Phone is a feature-rich, modern cloud phone solution for businesses of all sizes. It’s simple to deploy and use on a mobile device, desktop, or desk phone and is built for the cloud, enabling voice calls across all supported devices.

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CommScope Announces Next Generation XGS-PON Solution Suite for Growing FTTP Deployments

Service providers around the world face increasing competitive pressure to install new fiber networks or upgrade existing ones in response to rising consumer demand and new opportunities in government and private sector infrastructure financing. To meet this challenge, CommScope offers a new cloud-to-end XGS-PON solution built with industry standards that supports the 10G future.

As a pioneer in PON-based broadband access solutions, CommScope is uniquely positioned to offer this solution. The new package paves the way for XGS-PON networks that will power smart cities worldwide, next-generation wireless networks, and tomorrow’s consumer and commercial services (such as VR gaming, remote healthcare, online education, and next-generation manufacturing).

The suite achieves this through three primary attributes: a flexible architecture; open, interoperable components; and dynamic, cloud-based operation. The cloud-to-edge solution allows service providers in both greenfield FTTH and fiber-deeper scenarios to bridge multiple network topologies and take advantage of SDN efficiencies to prepare their networks for the future, regardless of what the future will require.