Vol 5 Industry News: New Updates from VitalPBX, Grandstream and QNAP

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VitalPBX Update: How To Secure Your PBX Phone System?

VitalPBX Update: Traditional PBXs are being quickly replaced by cloud PBX phone systems. But this modification also raises a new issue with relation to the security of cloud PBX phone systems.
When selecting a Cloud PBX system or an internet-facing PBX, it’s crucial to take the following security considerations into account.
Is there a built-in firewall on your PBX?
2. Does your PBX have a fail-to-ban intruder detection system?
3. Can a Geo-Firewall be used to deny access through your PBX?
4. Does your PBX have the most recent software and operating system versions?

Due to the presence of up to two of these characteristics in some PBX systems, they are less secure. The most important facets of your PBX security will be revealed in this article.

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How to Create Captive Portal for GWN Series?

When installed on a Wi-Fi network, a captive portal has a number of benefits. The benefits of a captive portal include the ability to manage who may access the network, generate leads for business Wi-Fi setups, or require the user to agree to the terms and conditions.

A GWN captive portal is simple to set up, and the range of functionality available lets you design one that’s perfect for your deployment. A step-by-step tutorial for building a captive portal for GWN series Wi-Fi access points will be provided in this blog post.

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QNAP Extends Security Updates for EOL Products

In order to better assist users in defending against changing security threats and provide users more time to finish device upgrades, QNAP® Systems, Inc. announced that it is extending the end of Technical Support and Security Updates on some End of Life (EOL) models.