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Fastest Growing Asterisk-based PBX System

VitalPBX is a free phone and communication system for companies. It is a robust and scalable platform that allows you to easily manage your Linux and Asterisk based PBX. It is easy to use, safe and efficient. Easy to use because built to be easy to use with tooltips across the system and a coherent user interface throughout. Safe because VitalPBX offers various levels of protection against cyber threats in the VoIP world. Efficient because it has an interface with easy access between tabs. We provide a platform for you to run VitalPBX via foppex.

VitalPBX includes all the features found in the different Asterisk Distributions, but also provides additional features that were previously only available in commercial PBX systems.

FOPPEX is a reputable provider of the VitalPBX platform, offering robust and reliable solutions for telecommunication needs. We offer installation services at affordable prices with our certified employees and our multi-tenant system experience over 5000 subscribers. Moreover, since we are in the same time zone, you do not have to wait and you can get instant service.

You can benefit from all the services mentioned below at affordable prices via Foppex.

Sonata Suite:

Switchboard, Billing, Recordings and Stats


Multitenant PBX Solution, Queues Callback, Rebranding Module, Geo Firewall Add-on Module, Maintenance Module, Virtual Faxes and Video Conferences


VitXi – WebRTC Softphone and VitalPBX Communicator


Professional Support Packages and VitalPBX White Label Program (You can get these services at a more affordable price via foppex.) In addition to free use, customized monthly, annual or one-time paid PBX solutions as Enterprise, Carrier, Call Center and Carrier Plus CC are also offered. When you purchase these packages through our company, we can also provide you with our own service upon request. This service you will buy locally will be more affordable. In addition, you will not be affected by the loss of time due to the time difference.

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