wildix partner


Foppex is a gold partner of Wildix in Cyprus. Wildix is ​​the ideal solution for every company. From integrating instant messaging and video conferencing to connecting mobile devices and controlling telephone systems,

Wildix provides unified communications solutions for businesses, offering both hardware and software options. As the first cloud browser-based platform, Wildix enhances productivity, boosts sales, and ensures complete security without the need for VPNs or external SBCs. With features like instant messaging, video conferencing, and mobile integration, Wildix optimizes communication workflows for every company.


Increased Sales

Up to 52%

Easily and whenever you choose, connect with your customers and take advantage of more opportunities to close business. With the help of Wildix’s unified communications and collaboration solutions, you can focus on connecting with both current and new clients and completing your responsibilities quickly and effectively.

By adding chat, phone calls, and videoconferencing straight to your website, WebRTC Kite can increase sales for your company by up to 52%.

Increased Efficiency

Up to 25%

Wildix efficient unified communication saves working time by up to 25%, increasing  company productivity and  employee engagement. Wildix’s web-based collaboration tools enable simple, instant and secure communication between the employees, customers and clients situated anywhere in the world, from office phones, PCs, and any mobile devices .

Wildix users can access their Wildix Collaboration tools from any location (office, home, on the move, any place with Internet connection), using any device (PC, laptop, tablet), without having to install any extra software components. 

Secure by Design

Security 100%

Ensure the security of your business communications from the very beginning. Wildix offers built-in encryption and a range of automated security features, guaranteeing complete confidentiality without the need for extra expenses or effort. Because Wildix’s solutions are built to thwart cyber attacks, they are naturally secure and don’t require VPNs or other hardware.

With 99.99% uptime guaranteed and automatic failover on an architecture driven by Amazon Web Services, Wildix’s UCaaS runs in the cloud.

The First Sales-Oriented
Unified Communications Solution

Wildix offers a variety of communication solutions tailored to meet the needs of both large and small businesses. Whether you prefer an on-premise hardware PBX, a virtual machine PBX, or a cloud-based platform, Wildix has you covered. 

Wildix Hardware PBX provides companies with full control over their communications infrastructure. Easy to install and configure, this reliable platform supports a plethora of features, including internet-based calling, instant messaging, and video conferencing. Wildix VM PBX offers a virtual solution without the need for additional hardware. Installed on a virtual machine, it delivers the same robust features as the hardware PBX while providing the flexibility and scalability of a cloud-based solution.

For businesses seeking the ultimate flexibility and scalability, the Wildix Cloud PBX is the perfect choice. Hosted entirely in the cloud, Wildix offers a secure and scalable environment, allowing users to access their communications from anywhere, optimizing workflows, and accelerating productivity. No matter which solution you choose, Wildix offers superior flexibility, simplicity of deployment, and a wide range of features. With mobile apps, web phone capabilities, and seamless integration through WebRTC technology, Wildix ensures that your communication needs are met efficiently and effectively.


Wildix Collaboration’s real-time, user-presence and geolocation information, show who is online, absent, busy in another conversation or does not want to be disturbed to make your call handling as efficient as possible.

Some Included Wildix Features:

  • Click-to-Call from any website
  • Real Time Call Recording
  • Transfer callers offsite to any 10 digit number
  • Selectable Identities for outbound Caller ID
  • Call History Logs with Click-to-Callback
  • Customize a chat-bot widget for your website
  • CRM custom integrations
  • Call Queue with “call back” options
  • Customizable Music on hold 
  • Audio & Video Calling
  • Real Time Chat Messaging
  • Presence & Geolocation indication
  • Secure Video and Audio Conferencing 
  • Sticky Notes & Memo Messages to colleagues
  • Desktop Faxing & SMS to one or more users
  • Access to corporate & Global phone books
  • Screen Sharing & File Transfer with internal & external collaborators