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Yealink Products

Yealink IP Phones and Video Conferences Solutions are meeting with you in Cyprus through voice communication and video conference systems and foppex.Yealink brand, which provides personal cooperation with its special products for zoom rooms, service platforms, plug and play products specially designed for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, is at your service with its entire product portfolio.

Below you can find the main products and services and summary information:

Video Conferencing
Yealink meeting server: 

What is YMS? YMS is a distributed cloud-based video conferencing infrastructure created for HD video conferencing communication in workplaces. It is created by the combination of a number of basic features and services: MCU, registrar server, directory server, traversal server, meeting and device management server, SIP Trunk, WebRTC server, GK & H.460 server, Microsoft SfB (Lync) gateway, recording server and server. It is a low cost and high efficiency system.

VC room system:

It consists of a high resolution camera and an integrated microphone with crystal clear sound quality, designed for small to medium sized meeting rooms. In general, the related systems focus on the person speaking, thanks to their special software, and ensure that there is no loss of interest in the meeting. It contributes to your meetings to be productive.

Video phone:

They are video phones that provide fluent and remarkable video communication. With the HDMI cable, the conversation can be transferred to the big screen.

PC desktop software:

Integrated with the Yealink Meeting Server, Yealink VC Desktop software offers rich features that allow you to enjoy advanced video conferencing solution including functions such as meeting, schedule and conference reminder, one-touch conference access, conference control.

VC mobile app:

With its mobile application features with the slogan “Meetings in the palm of your hand”, it exceedingly fulfills its promise. It allows you to make HD quality calls without eating bandwidth.

VC cloud management:

Yealink  Cloud  is  a  distributed  cloud-based  service  platform  tailored  for  multi-way  video  conferencing  collaboration.  As  a  powerful  all-in-one  service  platform,  Yealink  VC  Cloud  not  only  brings  MCU,  registrar  server,  traversal  server,  meeting  management  server,  meeting  control  server,  device  management  server,  enterprise  directory  server,  GK&H.460  server,  WebRTC server, Microsoft SfB (Lync) server, and so on together, but also seamlessly integrates with s a whole series ofvideoconferencing products.

Voice Communication
Conference phones:

Meeting phones with wireless option allow 5-way conference, allowing you to meet in the same room without sacrificing sound quality.

T5-T4-T3-T2 series phones:

Your communication with T series SIP phones does not compromise on quality, with color or colorless screen, camera or non-camera features.

DECT phones:

Stay in touch with the ergonomically designed wireless DECT phones from anywhere.

For Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business
Teams room systems:

Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams certified video conferencing systems designed for small, medium-sized, large and extra large rooms.

Collaboration bar:

Bars providing audio and video communication for small meeting rooms.

Desk phones & conference phone, Speakerphones, Headsets, Cameras:

Dedicated desktop and conference phones, speakerphones, headsets, cameras with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business certification.

Zoom Rooms Kits:

Big and extra large Zoom kits

Service Platform
Yealink Device Management Platform:

Managing Yealink video and voice communication endpoint devices

Personel Collaboration


Plug and play model speakerphones for effective conversation in your meetings.


Specially produced headsets for yealink phone with wired or wireless options.

USB cameras:

All-in-One USB video bar, UVC30-Desktop 4K Webcam, USB camera

Sofware & app:

With Yealink USB connect personalize and manage your Yealink headsets, webcams and speakerphones


Bluetooth USB dongle, HD camera for SIP-T58A, PSTN box, CP wireless expansion mic, DECT USB dongle, wireless headset adapter, expansion modules, screen sharing box, protective cases, DECT repeater, ceiling microphone array, POE adapter, Wi-Fi USB dongle, wideband headset for Yealink IP Phone.

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